Protect and Ventilate

The soffit is located under the overhang of the roof deck. It is the main air intake for attic spaces. A properly vented soffit plays an important role in not only your roofing system, but in the efficiency of your home. Improperly vented soffits are a major problem in older homes. You may notice ice damming or condensation in your soffit system. This is definitely a sign to give us a call.

Fascia is the band that goes around the roofing surface right under your rooftop. The fascia board is fixed directly to the roof trusses and provides the majority of support for the roof gutters. Properly installed, a fascia brings great aesthetic value by tying the roof, eaves and soffit into a visually appealing combination.

GarageCo stays up to date on the current codes and standards to make sure you’re your home and your roof are well protected.