Pallets are a huge part of the shipping and distribution industry. And they’re used for everything!

On-line tutorials, home network channels and do-it-yourself enthusiasts utilize pallets for all sorts of creative projects, including as a great cost-effective resource for building tiny homes, tree houses and backyard cabins.

The good news is that pallets are easy to find, and if you ask really nice, you can usually get them from your local businesses for free! Home improvement stores or warehouses are usually more than willing to part with them. Even places like liquor stores and garden centres are great resources for pallets.

Before you Build

Before you build a pallet house, you should probably know a little bit about the actual pallets you plan to use. Pallets are used as coverage to transporting goods, and that means nasty things like bacteria, insects, mould and fungus can thrive in the crevices found within the wooden slats. In order to prevent this, the pallet box is treated chemically beforehand in order to ensure the health and safety of the actual goods that are being shipped.

To avoid the possibility of harmful effects from untreated wood pieces, the planks should be stained completely.

Your roof, walls, window frames and doors can all be constructed with simple materials, basic tools and a straightforward plan for your structure.

Hit up garage sales, websites or a local hardware store for some stylish door hinges, drawer pulls and artwork ideas to embellish your project. Cedar shakers on the exterior are a great way to maintain the rustic theme of your new home living space, tree house, or backyard cabin.

Add splashes of colour inside with cheerful curtains, throw pillows and bright white edging, or go dark for a cozy cave-like atmosphere, with blues, greens and silvers.

With some imagination, a pallet home can be an affordable, creative space to live, play and enjoy.

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