What is a Garage Suite?


Garage Suites are dwellings located above, or attached to the side or rear of a detached garage — when the garage is an accessory to a single detached home. The suite features a separate cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities, and has an entrance that’s separate from the garage door. Garage Suites are discretionary uses in all city residential zones with a few exceptions. Discretionary uses means that the suite may be approved or refused by a city development officer. Once the suite has been approved, notices are sent to property owners within 60-metres of the suite. These property owners can then appeal the decision to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. For more technical information on whether or not your home qualifies for a Garage Suite, please visit the City of Edmonton.


Benefits of Building a Garage Suite

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra income from your home, or just searching for a lux “getaway” from the stressors of everyday life, it may be time to consider the benefits of building a garage suite. Quickly becoming popular throughout the province, Garage Suites are a perfect addition to a stand-alone garage. So if you’re a land owner, own a home, or are planning on buying in the near future, here are some reasons to consider building a Garage Suite.

  • Extra Income —  Affordable housing is at a premium in our fast growing community. Adding a suite/apartment to your garage adds a much welcome supplemental income for you, and offers modest priced housing options for students, single professionals, retirees and other individuals — plus, your maintenance expenses are tax-deductible!
  • Cozy Starter Home — Don’t have the budget to build your dream home? Become a home owner at a minimum cost by purchasing a lot and building a garage with an apartment above it! Save money on an expensive build so you’ll be able to decorate your space and tailor it to your exact needs. Who says that you need lot of space to live large?!
  • Retirement Refuge — Your kids have moved out and now you’re left with tons of space that you” never need — time to downsize! A Garage Suite allows you to maintain your independence while enjoying apartment style living. Plus, it’s largely maintenance and expense free in comparison to conventional large home living.
  • Curb Appeal — Your new Garage Suite adds more than just functionality — it also adds standalone curb appeal that compliments your home while adding to its value. Additionally, there are many looks to choose from (Classic Cape Cod, charming Craftsman, sturdy Colonial…), so finding a look that flatters your existing home is a breeze!
  • Privacy and Affordability — Unlike studio or one-bedroom apartments that can be expensive to rent, a Garage Suite is built on your own property — which saves you money! Plus, because it’s its own stand-alone building, your new suite offers more privacy than apartment or duplex living.
  • Ideal In-Law Suite — Garage Suites offer privacy and independence — perfect for the In-Laws, visiting relatives or occasional guests. With a separate entrance from the physical garage, private bathroom, bedroom & cooking facilities your relatives may just end up moving in for good, without affecting your daily routines.
  • Relaxing “Getaway” — Sometimes we all just need a space to call our own. Garage Suites are the perfect solution for those who crave a home away from home and are incredibly convenient for those who need to be close to the house.
  • Superb Space — Suites are ideal spaces for everything from a home-based business, to home theatres, artist studios, hobbyist lairs… the possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination. A great way to simplify your life, reduce costs of living, and create the shortest commutes.
  • Flexibility — A Garage Suite apartment that is perfect for you today can be easily transformed into something completely different for the future, With all the amenities already in place, revamping a suite allows for great flexibility in the long run.

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